Meet Saramatu

Repair and Realign

Raise your vibration by repairing and realigning your current form. Clear out the past so you can step into the real you.


Your higher self is calling. Receive the coding, activations and knowledge required to transform and connect yourself to Higher Consciousness.

Light Language and Meditation

The universal language of energy feeds the soul on all levels. Combine it with meditation and feel your vibration rise dramatically.

Who is Saramatu?

I am Saramatu, Quantum Activator and Awakened Master

My vision and purpose is to Awaken Humanity by raising the consciousness of individuals whether done one at a time or collectively.

Having experienced and worked with all levels of the human EGO and with the ability to communicate and connect with Source energy I have learned how to use the latter to tame the EGO and step up onto one’s authentic self.

Working tirelessly to create the New Earth that will lead humanity into an enlightened and more conscious living, myself and my team of Awakening Masters are supporting the Earth changes and holding the Awakening coding for all that are ready to step up into the light. Teaching the new ways of spiritual advancement and empowering individuals and the masses to step up into the light to become higher consciousness in human form.

We all have a higher purpose and once you recognise, through awareness, that it’s time for your ego to step aside, your light shines brighter than ever before.

Saramatu is Larissa’s soul name, her divine higher self that has embodied her form to assist in the awakening of humanity.