Frequently Asked Questions

The answers below are a starting point. There are multiple answers depending on your level of awareness and willingness to truly see yourself and the world for what it is.

On Spiritual Matters

Spirituality is a belief in something bigger than yourself. A belief or knowing that you exist within the universe and the universe within you and you are here having a human experience. An understanding or acceptance that everything is connected via a web of energy and when you have this realisation, the way you treat the world around you and how you show up in the world changes.

Energy healing can take many forms, through different modalities and through connecting with yourself. The body and field are made up of multiple energy systems and like the physical body can very easily become damaged, blocked and run down. Using energy to clear, repair, realign and heal the energy systems is highly effective mentally, emotionally and physically.

Light is energy. It holds a resonance. It is a frequency and a colour; it can be seen with the naked eye and sometimes not.

Awakening is simply that. It is a remembering of who you truly are, a connection with yourself that allows you to connect back to the Universe and to recall your teachings and knowings of your true soul self.

Chakras are energy vortexes that sit within the body and each layer of the energetic field. They pull in energy from your surroundings into the body feeding your systems whilst also expelling energy you no longer need, much like the human digestive system. You can learn all about this and much more in Saramatu’s workshops and programs.

There are many layers to the energetic field and all have their function and role, working together with the chakra system. There are seven main layers within the Auric egg and 222 layers in total.

There are many ways to protect your energies. The quickest and simplest is to imagine yourself inside a white bubble of energy, the brighter and whiter you make it the better. There are also other ways to Protect your energies and these are discussed within the Workshops, Programs or Private Sessions.

The answer is in the question. Be with yourself. Turn off the phone, television, work, family, anything that creates white nose in your life and be with you. Sit in silence with yourself, it will be extremely uncomfortable to begin with and your mind will be racing all over the place. Start small and grow it. Go for a walk by yourself, meditate, listen to music, soak in the bath. Connect back with you by doing things that bring you joy.

There are many different ways to meditate and it’s about finding what works best for you. The simplest and easiest way to mediate is to focus on the breath, listen to the breath going in and out of the body, feeling the chest raising and lowering and the body relaxing into it. Observing your thoughts without judgement, watching them flow in and out of the mind as you keep coming back to the breath. As humans we like to over complicate things, keep it simple.

Other forms of meditation:

  1. Guided
  2. Guided visualisation
  3. Mantras
  4. Concentrative
  5. Breathing
  6. Charka
  7. Grounding
  8. Progressive muscle relaxation and many more…..

They are high vibrational beings not in physical form but have the ability to communicate with chosen individuals. They come to assist in the evolution of humankind.

Yes. Have you ever walked into a room after somebody has had a fight in there and noticed how heavy it feels? Have you noticed that people who are happy and positive make you feel happy and positive and the opposite, those that are negative and angry make you feel negative and flat. During the classes you will be taught how to protect yourself from other people’s energies

Being connected and using intuition is about being connected with yourself. The more connected you are to self the more connected you are to your intuition. Clearing out and turning off the white noise in your life, getting out of the head and into your heart space certainly helps. Follow Saramatu on FB, IG and on the videos page and she will teach you how.

Your guides and angels are with you every moment of the day, they walk beside you and with you through life and everybody has between one to three and any one time, some having many more. You can talk to them just like you do other humans or you can talk to them in your mind, they will hear you.

Light language is the Universal language of energy. Spoken just like any other language here on earth by those that are activated to do so.

Yes. We are all beings of light and can be activated to speak your native language of energy. There are many different dialects of light language and it depends upon the soul’s origin to which dialect is spoken.

Yes, definitely. It is recommended that before you heal others you heal yourself. Your energetic systems need to be attuned to heal, some can do it naturally whilst others take practice. No different to natural athletes or those not so gifted and need to work at it. You are only bound by the limitations of your human mind.

The first thing to do is to call in your guides for protection and imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of white light energy. If you are still feeling scared or fearful, call upon Archangel Michael to clear, cleanse and protect you, see him wielding his sword of light.

The biggest obstacle is your ego, the second is your mindset. Change the way you look at the world and your world will change. Become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, your behaviour and your reactions. Observe them, change what needs to be changed.

The best way to raise your vibration is through energy work and meditation. Saramatu’s programs will accelerate your progress exponentially.

When you feel stuck, heavy emotions triggering all over the place, overwhelmed and confused and feel like every direction you head is full of obstacles. When you know that there is something else out there waiting for you but you don’t know what it is. When you know something is not right but can’t put your finger on it.

An energetic download is when a package of energetic coding is placed with the energetic body of a person open and willing to receive it. This energy comes from a higher source and dependent on each individual, will have many purposes.

Saramatu is not a psychic or clairvoyant, she does not tap into people’s timelines to tell their future, deliver the lotto number or find you your true love.

She is not here to make life choices or decisions for you.

Saramatu does not communicate with the dead, deceased or past loved ones.

Saramatu does not channel dark beings or work with dark energies in any form unless clearing them from an individual/group/situation.

On Practical Matters

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All group programs and workshops are conducted via live zoom meeting arrangement unless stated in the advertisement of a specific program or workshop.

The program time lengths vary depending on the program or workshop. Workshops will typically run for 3 hours whilst the programs range from 6 to 10 weeks with a 12 months program on offer. All programs and workshops run all year round. Dates advertised on the Awakening page of this website.

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