Releasing Anger and Frustration

by Larissa
October 4, 2021

Working Through Anger and Frustration

Not all elements of walking the spiritual path are rosy and filled with joy. To get to that place of peace and calm the lower elements need to be cleared and released. A lot of the time that means anger, frustration, trauma and any emotion that has been suppressed. It all needs to come up to the surface, released and cleared. 

Sometimes this process can be simple and done through recognition and acceptance, but other times, especially if it is deep seated, it requires greater attention. That does not mean you have to relive the event or situation. Try to remain detached from it as if you are looking at it from a third person perspective. When this energy comes up to clear it is commonly expressed in the form of anger and frustration. And it can come on quickly like a snake rearing its head to strike.

This energy flows through the body in waves, sometimes feeling like your blood is boiling internally or you are a pressure cooker getting ready to explode. The body does not know how to deal with this overwhelming energy surge. The body will try to release it in a way that is familiar to it and most of the time it comes in the form of lashing out at those around you and at yourselves.

Help is on it’s way

Here are a few ways, in no particular order, to assist you in releasing and clearing anger and frustration. It’s important to remember that it is just energy, if you attach to it through thinking about it you are anchoring it into the body when it is trying to leave.


Breath-work is a great place to start, it’s simple and can be done anywhere. What I find most effective is short and sharp in through the nose and out the mouth, this resets the parasympathetic nervous system very quickly and gives you back control over your thinking brain. Other very effective techniques are box breathing 4-4-4-4, 6-6-6 breathing and a favourite of mine is Breath of Fire which is similar to panting like a dog and then holding your breath. Breath-work programs and facilitation are becoming very popular, you won’t have trouble find something online.


It is no accident that nearly all indigenous cultures across the world include dance as part of their spiritual practice. Tribal dancing, stamping their feet on the ground, creates and opens the channels of energy within the body and allows for this energy to be transferred into the earth. Clearing, cleansing and balancing the human body. You can do it too. Feel where the energy is located within the body, start moving the body and stamping your feet into the earth. Feel the energy moving through the body, down your legs, out your feet and into the earth. Release that anger and frustration, there is no need to hold onto it. Even pop some music on and create your own tribal dance.


Similar to stamping your feet on the earth, exercising gets the body moving and energy flowing through the body. It begins to burn it up and physically releases it from the body. It also assists in the control and release of all the stress hormones that your body has produced. The mental and emotional elements still need to be processed but it’s a start and reduces the chance of you entering into the ‘pressure cooker state’.


See the emotion as waves of energy like the ocean waves rolling in and out. As each wave rolls out, release the feeling and let the wave take it away. Another great visualisation process is to see yourself sitting in front of a campfire. One after another you place all your issues, feelings, frustrations, events onto the fire for it to be cleansed and burnt up. This process is very therapeutic.


Meditation is about giving your body permission to rest and recover. Taking it from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic nervous system. When we are clearing at such high rates, especially as the energy intensifies and your physical clearings increase as your vibration raises. Meditation is like taking a deep breath in your energetic field. It assists in clearing out the field and processing the energy that is carried within it.


Grounding and connecting with nature is essential for balancing the body’s energies, physically, mentally and emotionally. When you physically connect with the earth there is an energy exchange, the positive and negative ions in the body balance and a sense of calm sweeps over you. It also releases happy hormones within the brain which have a significant effect on you mentally and your ability to connect to your happy place. Connecting with nature is essential for your evolutionary growth.

Let the energy flow

It is very common that old issues previously dealt with rear up to be cleared again. You are just like an onion and there are many layers to your human programs and past events and traumas. The good news is that each time you address and clear these layers you are getting closer to its resolution and raising your vibration in the process. Remember that the higher parts of you cannot enter until the lower elements have cleared. Hard work done now will certainly benefit in the future.