What is Creator Consciousness Energy?

by Larissa
October 18, 2022

True Creator Consciousness

True Creator Consciousness is nothing but energy in its purest form, but it becomes conscious when it has a purpose and that is what the human mind and form crave. Without meaning it is just energy that exists, your ability to use this energy, connect to it and expand it through your energy field gives it depth and gives you the ability to make significant changes in this world.

Humans have named this energy God, Source, Creator, I Am, whatever name you resonate with is entirely up to you. For the purpose of this article I will call the original energy source, Creator.

In the Beginning

Let’s take it back a step. In the beginning there was nothing, complete void. From this nothing, something appeared, a singularity point. This singularity point slept and then it awoke. Taking its first breath, expansive streams of energy (light) shot out through the void. Creation upon creation formed on these streams of energy, universes, galaxies and eventually signal cell organisms. The singularity point took a second breath and the energy continued to expand and grow. The singularity was no longer alone, it was surrounded by its creations, it had become Creator.

Becoming Conscious

For the Creator to become conscious it first had to become aware of its own existence and that stands true within humans. To awaken you must be conscious of your own existence. Through this awareness you begin to see the world around for what it truly is, nothing but energy. Energy that you can change and shift with your own energy.

When you reach this point of awareness it is very hard to un-see it. That is why so many humans choose to live in a state of ignorance, life is easier when you bare no responsibility. And that is what occurs when you become aware. A level of responsibility lives within and becomes your driving force to make change in the world. Carrying the weight of the world is not your responsibility to hold but your own sphere of influence is.

If each awakened soul took care of business in their neck of the woods and came together as one, each with a certain skill set, the world would be a very different place. Instead, what’s happening at the moment is that awakened souls and light workers are standing at the pinnacle of their very own mountains. Gazing over at the next mountain and the soul standing upon it, usually seen as competition instead of ally.

One Expansive Light

Creator consciousness may have been ‘one’ to begin with but now it is many, creator consciousness lives within each of us, your soul essence was created by Creator, therefore Creator is many. Creator wishes to continue to expand and it does this when all the different elements of itself come together as one. One energy, one expansive light.

How to Connect with Creator Consciousness

The answer is you connect with self, you drop away the elements of the ego and you let your true self, the essence of you, shine as brightly as possible. This is not an easy path, the lower self and ego have had a tough time. No doubt there is trauma and heart ache but all give you life lessons that could never be taught in a school or by observing others. Once you begin to actively clear and address this you are creating space for the higher elements of you to enter your true form, higher vibrations of self that will eventually connect you to your Divine highest self which will have direct access to creator consciousness.

The Journey Starts With You

Creator Consciousness energy has the ability to shift and heal on a large scale but you must always start with self. You can only take others as far as you have gone yourself and if you have not healed the depths of you then you can not take others there. The best place to start is by looking at things you have deliberately been locking away. This does not mean you have to relive these issues or events but instead acknowledge them, observe the lessons and see how you can apply them in your life. Through this process you are taking yourself to another level of acceptance, releasing the old that no longer serves you and rising above.

For Your Greatest Good

The deeper you connect with you and who you truly are the deeper you connect with Creator Consciousness and your vibration raises. This then becomes an ever flowing cycle of self observation, clearing and ascension. The more you observe the more you can clear, the more you clear the more that can come up to be cleared. This will not always be an easy path to walk but know that it is for your highest good. The hardest paths walked have the greatest rewards.