Ego in the Spiritual Community

by Larissa
December 6, 2022

Is Your Ego Driving You?

One of the hardest things I have witnessed in my awakening journey is ego in the spiritual community, the aggressive nature of other spiritual teachers, guides and coaches. Their need to point out errors in others’ teachings, belittling of information and at times downright bullying, all because it doesn’t align with their own beliefs. Elements of fear have risen within them because somebody else might know or have access to information greater than they. This is all driven by the EGO.

There is a very big difference in delivering information from a matter of fact perspective, compared to, my information is the only truth and all that matters. We live in a multiverse, thousands o f layers of energy , thousands of different timelines, all of which are playing out at exactly the same time. In this time of mass acceleration, It is time for you to begin expanding your mind to a broader perspective. The information you currently have is at the level and vibration in which you are able to receive and assimilate. This does not mean that higher levels and vibration of the same information or other information does not exist.

Open your mind and perspectives further and you will begin to see the vastness in which you have been missing up till now. The only thing holding you back is your EGO.

How to Take Yourself Out of Ego

Get out of your head. Open your heart, observe and break down your belief systems. Asking yourself ‘How does this serve me’, ‘Is this for my highest good or am I feeding my human self?’ By doing this you will begin to see and feel your restrictions breaking down and dissolving.

One of the biggest mistakes energy workers, teachers and coaches make is that they believe that they have completed and learnt all that needs learning. Take my word for it, there is always more to do, learn and release. My human self thought it had reached the pinnacle of awakening, I quickly learned there was still more to go.

My Journey Towards the Death of the Ego

The Divine Spark of Creator has entered and lives in my human form. I worked hard for 12 years to allow this to take place. Much to my human shock, I still have work to do, the cells of my body still carry the memory of all that I have experienced. The hard wiring of my brain still wants to think and process as it did before my Divine higher self entered my body – I still have work to do. The Divine Light of Creator will eventually consume my form, and it gets brighter everyday, but until then the work of self must still continue.

The past few months I have been going through the final phase of what is called the Death of the EGO. I have been shown and triggered into all of the elements of my ego that remained. It wasn’t pretty. What triggered me the most in others was what I needed to address within myself. I was judging the judgement that others were expressing. I wasn’t acknowledging their path and reason for their judgements, I was expecting them to be above this, given that they themselves were in positions of influence over others.

Working Together for the Human Collective

As I continue to break down the hard wired paths of my human thinking I can clearly see the programs that run humanity and the enormity of the task ahead. Which is why we must all do this work together. This task is not an easy one, but it is one that I grasp with both hands because I know that we can do it together. Are you willing to sacrifice and dissolve your EGO to create a better world? If this is you, please get in touch and we can change the world together.